When did Job live?

When did Job (of the Bible) live?

Job lived after Joseph but before Moses (after 1650 BC and before 1500 BC) From the contents of Job's book we can work out an approximation, to within about 150 years of the period of time in which he lived.

The exodus, led by Moses, took place about 1500 BCE. So it seems that Job may have lived somewhere within that time slot, i.e. 1650 BCE to 1500 BCE.

Job the son of Issachar (Genesis 46:13, Numbers 26:24, 1 Chronicles 7:1) is unlikely to be the same man referred to in the book of Job.

Even though this son of Issachar occupied a similar time frame, somewhere from about 1750 BCE and dying around 1500 BCE, the Hebrew names

are different. The estimates I have read average that he was about 200 years old is when he died.

"After this lived Job an hundred and forty years, and saw his sons, and his sons' sons, even four generations." Job 42:16-17.

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