Jews verses Jesus

What does Judaism say about Jesus Christ? And are they still waiting for a Messiah?

Dr. Tony Mariot answers, Jews consider Jesus as the founder of Christianity, there are actually small divergent believes among Jews about Jesus. The specific things Orthodox Jews believe the Messiah must accomplish in order to confirm his identity, Jesus did not do according to their belief — like restoring the kingdom of David to its former glory, defeating Israel’s enemies, rebuilding the temple (which the Romans destroyed in 70 AD) and ingathering the exiles to the land of Israel.

If Jesus was not successful with this, or if he was killed, he is not the one that was promised by the Torah as the Messiah. An individual Jew could accept Jesus as the Messiah and technically remain Jewish — rejection of any core Jewish belief or practice does not negate one’s identifcation as a Jew. However, the beliefs of Messianic Jews are theologically incompatible with Judaism.

There are a few references in the Talmud to “Yeshu,” which authorities understand as referring to Jesus.

The Talmud tractate Sanhedrin, originally recorded that Yeshu the Nazarene was hung on the eve of Passover for the crime of leading Jews astray.

This reference was removed from later versions of the Talmud, because of its use by Christians as a pretext to substantiate Jesus as the Christ.

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