Why are the heavens silenced after the 7th horn is sounded as described in Revelation?

“And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.” Revelation 8:1

There is no place in scripture that suggest the Angels or Host of Heaven, was privy to the breadth and depth of what God had in store as judgment against man and the Earth.

Despite what Jesus revealed about the tribulation in scripture or any descriptions given by John in Revelation and the participation of the Angels in revealing these truths, the realities of these things, pale in comparison to any description that can be given or vision that can be seen.

To say, “bright as the sun” in no way compares to the reality of the sun’s physical brightness and heat, especially the closer you get to the sun. The reality surpasses any description. You cannot look upon the sun’s brightness with the naked eye, nor withstand its heat with any measure of protection. Ultimately, there is no protection from the sun the closer you get to it.

As the winds did not blow on the earth, waiting on the 144K to be sealed (Rev. 7:1), this silence is in reverence to what the Angels are seeing for the first time in God’s judgments. This reaction by the Angels is to a vision, NOT the real thing that is still to come.

Consider God’s judgment with respect to the locust during the tribulation. Revelation 9:1–5

These locust torment man by perpetually stinging them for five months straight. You won’t be able to simply stay indoors to avoid them. They are more than flying scorpions, these creatures have never been seen before on earth or in Heaven “at all”. The Host of Heaven, which are Angels, are silent for 30 minutes when they see these locust and the other plagues God has in store. These locusts are startling to see, the locusts the Angels have seen up to this point are the type described in the plagues of Egypt. (Exodus 10:12-15). The locusts of the tribulation are different in style and substance.

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